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how it works

With DashTag all your sport data is just one chat away. You’ll get everything there is to know about your sport data in a simple chat. Just let a new sports coach in your life, our artificial intelligence. Start a conversation with this intelligent sport assistant, and you’ll learn everything - everything? - yes, everything you want to know.  From your own personal sport data to the time your next match will start, he’ll tell you all about it.

the dash

One of the incredible sources our AI uses is the Dash. It’s an awesome personal sport stand alone sensor you wear during your play, and it gives info about a whole lot of things like:

- maximum speed (Do you know who’s the fastest football player around?)
- high intens sprints of your match
- total distance per training
- graphic presentation of your tactical team play
- performance of your teammates
- training load
- energy consumption


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