Ever thought about measuring your performance?
Or even thought about having your own Fifa game stats?
Well... we did 😉
Are you an Elite soccer player? 

Do you have what it takes to be make it to the Final400?
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Capture your performance

Wear the Dash sensor during your trainings and matches. Get your performance FIFA stats just seconds after you finish playing.

Train your skills

Set your own goals.. and smash them! Improve your skills and raise the bar. Use the Dash challenges to train and improve your soccer skills.

Show the public

Demonstrate your abilities.. If you have what it takes, we will feature you. If you don’t, work hard for it. DashTag is for all soccer players who want to get into the spotlight.

Deeper insights with the Dash

Wear the Dash

Wear the Dash, and our Bot will give you deep insights of your soccer performance.  This sophisticated sensor is specifically designed to be worn by each athlete during their trainings, and it establishes unique interactions with its champion.

Dude! You were fast this match...
Your fastest sprint topped at 28.8 km/h ⚡️