Hi! I'm Chang. Your 24/7 sports bot 🤖 powered by artificial intelligence
I chat about everything there's to know about your own sports data 👊
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A personal coach you can text

No need to install another app. Chat with DashTag the same way you do with your friends, using your favourite messenger platform.

Your play gets connected

Chang learns about your sport and how you're doing. He comes up with unique insights on how to improve, compete in challenges and check up on your team.

All in one place

Señor Chang is the entry to all your statistics. You immediately know how you play, your rankings and what you must do to beat your opponent.

Deeper insights with the Dash

Help Señor Chang, wear the Dash

Wear the Dash and Señor Chang gives you deeper insights of your actual sports performance. This sophisticated sensor interactions with you and is specially designed to wear for the individual athlete in team sports. Seconds after your play has ended, señor Chang will tell you everything about your sprints and speed.

Dude! You were fast this match...
Your fastest sprint topped at 28.8 km/h ⚡️