Ever thought about measuring your performance?
Or even thought about having your own Fifa game stats?
Well... we did 😉
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1️⃣ Capture your performance

Wear the Dash to get your daily stats.
Use this sensor during training and matches to measure and know your personal Fifa stats seconds after your play has stopt.

2️⃣ Train your skills

Use Dash challenges to raise the bar.
Set you own goals. And smash them. Do the Dash challenges to train and improve your soccer skills throughout the week.

3️⃣ Show the public

Demonstrate when it counts.
While featuring the most dedicated players, it’s for all soccer players who want to get into the spotlights.

Deeper insights with the Dash

Wear the Dash

Wear the Dash and our bot gives you deeper insights of your actual sports performance. This sophisticated sensor interactions with you and is specially designed to wear for the individual athlete in team sports. Seconds after your play has ended, we will tell you everything about your sprints and speed.

Dude! You were fast this match...
Your fastest sprint topped at 28.8 km/h ⚡️