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🤟Being a data-driven coach has never been easier. No hassle with smelly vests, charging devices or hours of synchronizing.


The Dash

The first player-centric soccer tracker

Easy to use

Easy to wear, easy to record and easy to sync with the IOS app to have the stats available right after a session.

For the player

Imagine a world where you can create an equal playing field for competitive soccer players. Athletes of all ages, levels & backgrounds have the same opportunities to improve their skills and pursue their dreams. Welcome to our reality.

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Includes hardware, analytics and soccer assistant

For The Coach


Players are empowered instantly with an understanding of their performance after every training or game. Coaches are sharpened with access to reports of their entire team, without any hassle. Just seconds after the play, the analytics can be seen, both for the player and the coach.

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Knowledge base

See tutorials how to wear, record and sync the device, learn how to understand the data and read all about our latest updates.

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You will get:

  • Your own personal Dash
  • Your personal analytics right after your soccer session
  • Access to the DashTag community with personal coaching

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The Dash

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Players trusting the dash

“Now I have my personal stats right at my fingertips.”

Kim DeCesare

Professional Soccer Player | PSV | Duke Alumni

“The dash is a perfect tool to check if I can keep up my endurance”

Andrew Aroutynov

Juventus U17

“The Dash gives me the opportunity to set new goals everyday”

Eva van Deursen

Dutch national team player U20 | Arizona State Women’s soccer

“The Dash is a great way to challenge myself daily, focusing on my high intensity speed.”

Samantha Witteman

Professional Soccer Player | PSV | Duke Alumni

“I now know my workout intensity. This also gives me valuable insight into my recovery path.”

Cassie Miller

Professional Soccer Player | PSV |

“I love to use the Dash because its statistics help me to strengthen my weaknesses and improve my abilities.”

Julia Ibes

Professional Soccer Player | Achilles '29

“It gives me insights of my individual performance instantly after a match.”

Naomi Pattiwael

Professional Soccer Player | PSV |

“Using the dash is a great way to maintain my stamina and sprinting ability.”

Max Dugan

SF United U17

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