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What was once only available for the select few, is now made accessible for any passionate soccer star.
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Our goal

Level the playing field

We want to give every passionate player the opportunity to reach their dreams no matter their background.


By building a community, of peers & mentors, and providing an objective overview of their performance. They can take ownership of their accomplishments with technology that is fun & easy to understand. Making learning more dynamic and progress tangible.

the all-in-one

soccer package

The fitness tracker and app that provides soccer stats, insights and a community.

Soccer tracker

Our wearable is light weight, water resistant, has indoor & outdoor capabilities and a battery life of 2-4 days

ios App

Your soccer companion with clear performance overviews, insights and community knowledge sharing

soccer stats, skills & community

with our app


Objective overview of your performance, with simple & easy to understand analytics. Your personal FIFA card & detailed highlights of your session

for the


Get your players Dashed Up and receive an objective overview of your entire team's performance with the Coach Report.


Just listen to our players

Players trusting the Dash

“Now I have my personal stats right at my fingertips.”

Kim DeCesare

Professional Soccer Player | PSV | Duke Alumni

“The dash is a perfect tool to check if I can keep up my endurance”

Andrew Aroutynov

Juventus U17

“The Dash is a great way to challenge myself daily, focusing on my high intensity speed.”

Samantha Witteman

Professional Soccer Player | PSV | Duke Alumni

“It gives me insights of my individual performance instantly after a match.”

Naomi Pattiwael

Professional Soccer Player | PSV |

“Using the dash is a great way to maintain my stamina and sprinting ability.”

Max Dugan

SF United U17

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The latest from our series of in-depth articles improving your performance.