We facilitate the dialogue between players, coaches and parents by presenting the same objective performance analytics and benchmarks.

Player-centric stats

With the help of certified coaches and sport scientists we’ve developed unique player centric stats. Analytics that are easy to understand for individual players to gain valuable insights in their performance: 1 line, 5 numbers and 10 highlights.

Performance Line

The performance line indicates the intensity of your session. Based on the amount of sprints you put in your session. The higher the peak, the more sprints you had in a certain period.

Dashtag Soccer Stats Powerline key performance.png


To get an instant impression of your performance, we present the DashStats. 5 numbers that rate your session with a number between 0 and 99. Plain and simple.

Dashtag Dashstats soccer tracking session Pace power overall endurance intensity.png


Numbers don’t lie. The 10 different session highlights show exactly how you performed during each session you played. No more guessing as of now.

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Improve your team performance with the DashTag Coach Reports

Coach Reports

The DashTag coach reports are developed and designed to help the coach. Where the player uploads his data, the coach receives the complete team overview of the sessions.

The coach doesn’t have to sync devices, charge them, or even wash vests. Just receive the stats and use them to improve what you’re good at: coaching.

The coach report includes:



Easy and understandable team overview with personalized analytics.



Personalized analysis and benchmarks from the DashTag Cloud



Support from the DashTag experts who'll interpret your data and give actionable tips


No hassle: the player wears, charges, syncs the Dash and uploads the data to the DashTag Cloud.

You just have to look at the report and act to it.