Meet 'The Dash', the soccer assistant that’s changing the game at CES 2019!

Las Vegas January 6th-13th, 2019

DashTag offers soccer players and coaches the world’s most accessible soccer assistant. Designed for the player, made easy for the coach.

We are proud to announce that we will be amongst the 50 selected high potential startups representing the Netherlands at the Holland Startup Pavilion at CES 2019. Wherein we introduce our innovative soccer assistant “The Dash”, which launched in summer 2018.

Through the use of technology we can create an equal playing field for competitive soccer players, of all ages and backgrounds, so they could have the same opportunities to improve their skills and pursue their dream. At DashTag this is our reality. The Dash and complementary app, are a hardware and software package that makes player performance analytics easy and accessible. With our technology, players are given objective performance data which they can use to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Now players, coaches and parents have the tools they need to create an open dialogue about performance and ultimately the future of the player. Being data driven has never been easier.

The Dash is designed for ambitious developing players and made easy for the coach. With it’s secure clip on system and easy user interface, players record a session and sync to the app receiving their insights immediately. Coaches are sent insights and tailored tips and tricks for their entire team, without any extra hassle. The Dash is the ultimate soccer assistant. Giving ambitious players proof of their hard work and supporting coaches by giving them insights to each individual player.

During CES 2019, we will connect with potential partners in order to take the Dash even further. Our team has perfected the basics and checked all the boxes to become a market leader, so we are looking for a partner to help accelerate our growth in the United States developmental sports industry.

Meet us at the Holland Startup Pavilion at Eureka Park, booth # 51726, to schedule a press interview email us at

About DashTag

DashTag is a Rotterdam and San Francisco based sports technology company. Its groundbreaking “Dash” is a soccer activity tracker that measures players’ performance and gives instant, personalized stats after every game or practice via the intuitive, easy-to-understand DashTag app. Founded in 2015, the company has so far raised $2 million in seed funding. Research firm Research and Markets valued the broader sports analytics market at $764.3 million in 2016, and predicts it will reach $ 15.5 billion by 2023.