Hey Coach!

We have been on the hustle and grind making a product that we believe will be your best tool on the pitch. We've strengthened our mission, built a vision that we will work tirelessly to accomplish and we're ready to make a radical change in the soccer industry. Are you with us?

Players of all backgrounds deserve a level playing field. Passion should not be stunted by social class, and determination will not be overthrown by privilege.

That's why we've built the most accessible soccer tracker in the game, that gives players the accountability to take ownership of their performance and helps them understand how to be better athletes. At a price point that doesn't break the bank.

Our team solutions aim to connect you better with your players, by giving you eyes all over the field. You'll never miss a personal record, and you'll never miss a coaching opportunity. With data conversations between players and coaches become more meaningful. Being a coach is a demanding job, but we've created the tools to make it easier and more rewarding for you. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself, if you don't like it you'll get your money back.

Straight Forward & Actionable



Outfit your players, they get their individual stats & are responsible for their own Dash. No extra hassle for you.
You receive a straight forward, no fuss Coach Report with holistic insights.

  1. Daily Coach Report - after every training or game
  2. Weekly Coach Report- with an overview of your entire team
  3. Progress & Comparison Coach Tool - that allows you to choose players to follow progress and compare

Our mission is to create a soccer community for everyone to connect a world of passionate athletes and supporters to revolutionize and elevate the game. With our soccer focused, fitness tracker and app, we aim to give players and coaches easy to understand, actionable data. So they can take ownership of their achievements and have the numbers to prove it.

It's simple; players take ownership of their play, coaches are better connected to their team; progress is inevitable.