Meet Janou Levels

Jersey #15, Midfielder

Dirk van den Berg, our Sports scientist at DashTag had a chat with Janou Levels, one of the aspiring talents of women's soccer in The Netherlands and a long-time user of the Dash. Janou plays at the top level of the Dutch soccer giant, PSV. She has tremendous ambitions of one day playing in an international scene. Read on to hear how the Dash, has helped her reach her goals!


Dirk: So, you’ve been part of the Dash’s development since this product’s early days... tell me what you like about it. What would you add to the Dash & App?

Janou: First of all I really like the fact that it is so easy to use and lightweight. I just have to clip it on my shorts, turn it on and go. Furthermore I really like to get deeper insights on my performance, which I was always very curious about. Once I sync my recorded sessions to my App I look at the total distance I covered. I love seeing my Endurance DashStat, and it’s really interesting to learn more about my sprints during a session. I use this to compare how well I did over the weeks, specifically comparing matches to trainings.

A feature I would add would be to be able compare the stats of peers, specifically with regard to distance covered. Since my peers are a very valid indicator of where I should be as an athlete. It’s a good motivator to keep improving.

Dirk: Does the Dash motivate you to go the extra mile, every game and practice?

Janou: Yes totally. With the App, you have all your recorded sessions in one place. And you can see how you have progressed throughout the year, so I compare my own stats with previous sessions to see if i’m improving and to understand what areas I should work harder on.

This motivates me to push harder!

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 09.31.28.png

Dirk: What do you think is the most valuable feature of the Dash?

Janou: The distance covered highlight mostly interests me, because it makes each session more tangible for me.

Also, I really like to see how my intensity varies in the match, it’s really cool to be able to relive it! And of course, being able to see progress from your current DashStats to the previous sessions.

Dirk: How important do you think it is that a coach has access to your performance data?

Janou: I think it is very important! Both for me personally and for the team as whole. Because the coach can then start to specifically coach players based on their stats. And he can also use it to determine the progress of the team and where areas of improvement lie.

Dirk: Has the Dash become part of your soccer routine?

Janou: In the beginning I did have some trouble remembering to always bring it with me. But after a while I started to realize the value and importance, then it definitely became a true part of my routine. Every training and match I just tie my laces and clip on my Dash!

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 15.19.09.png

Dirk: You said that you have international ambitions, are you starting to build a portfolio? If so, how?

Janou: Yeah, I am starting to develop it. And my parents brought up the idea that I could use the valuable insights of the Dash to strengthen my portfolio. The DashStats makes it easy to prove the hard work that I put in, especially to coaches and scouts.

Dirk: Has having access to performance stats influenced the way you think about soccer? Maybe in terms of conversations you have, or how you view a match?

Janou: Yes, I have become more goal oriented and my approach to soccer has become more insight based. The DashStats make it so that my performance is objectively monitored, and it gives me the opportunity to flourish and put my money where my mouth is!

Dirk: Would you recommend the Dash to someone?

Janou: Absolutely, you get so much valuable insight into your performance. It is truly motivating. And regardless, any player can use the extra bit of motivation it offers.


Janou is a true believer of using stats to enhance your game. In order to measure her progress, she uses her DashStats to compare with peers & the pro-level benchmarks. This makes it easier for her to prove to coaches, all of the hard work she's putting in on and off the field. But most of all, the Dash & App motivates her to go the extra mile. This is a feature that you can't simply build in. Our technology, gives you the tools you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, but it's your passion and determination that executes goals! We give you the stats but you define the glory! #NoStatsNoGlory

Special thanks for Janou Levels, for being part of this interview! Keep rocking it out there