Hey soccer coach!

Do you want to receive relevant performance data of your players on a weekly basis and use them to improve players' preparation, performance and recovery during the season? Do you want to get familiar with player statistics with our trial period of 30 days?

Contact us to request a 30 day trial period for your team up to 20 players.

The trial period includes:

  • Unlimited and continuous use of 20 Dashes within the period of 30 days
  • A weekly overview of the players stats for the coach, sent per email.
  • Full support with the product in case of damage and/or malfunction pertaining to both the Dash (hardware device) and app (software).

Improve players' performance and recovery with the Dash

The Dash is designed to make life as easy and convenient as possible for the player and coach. With the dash, a player is able to record its own stats during every game and practice. After the player syncs the dash with our app, its own performance stats will be right on its phone and will be shareable with you as a coach.

This means that a coach doesn’t have to sync devices, charge them, or even wash vests. Just receive the stats and use them to improve what you’re good at: coaching!

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All insights shown in one overview

The stats that we record of your players' performance are based on the sprint speed, sprint distance and sprint intensity.

Examples of the stats per session are:

  • The Powerline for a quick overview on the activity level of your players
  • The DashStats to grade and compare the players
  • The Session highlights, which include
    • Total distance covered
    • Total sprints, including the number of high intensity sprints
    • Peak sprints
    • Average speed

Check out our stats page for more information about the stats.

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