What is The Dash?

DashTag developed the Dash that provides stats for individual soccer players to track their progress and share it to their friends, coaches or scouts. The individual data is synced in the DashTag app, giving instant access to personalized stats after every game or practice, like pace, agility, power and stamina.

Ok, how much does it cost?

The price is $9.99 a month for the monthly subscription and $7.99 a month for the yearly subscription.

Your subscription will include:

  • Your own Dash and DashTag App account
  • Your personal stats available right after your soccer sessions
  • Tips on how to improve your performance

What devices can I use for the Dash?

The iOS app is currently available for iPhone devices (5s and newer, running iOS 11+). It’s available in the US Store only.

Is it available for Android phones?

No, the DashTag app is currently only available for iPhone. Development can take a lot of building, then testing, then changing, then more testing, then rebuilding, then even more testing… We haven't announced a timeline for this release yet, but we will update this thread when we do.

Won't players cheat by cycling or driving around?

We have several tricks up our sleeve for telling whether or not someone is genuinely running on the soccer fields, or using some kind of locomotion.

Can I see the stats of my friend who use the Dash?

Not yet. In the near future you'll be able to compare to your friends and team mates.

Great! I am in! How and when can I buy the Dash?

Cool! You can buy the Dash here

If I cancel my subscription, what happens with the Dash?

If the subscription is canceled, the service will be disconnected and the Dash will no longer connect to the App. This means that no new data will be synced to your account.

In case you decide to start using the Dash again, you can re-subscribe.

What if the Dash breaks?

If the Dash broke during normal usage, it will be replaced.

In any case, just chat with us in the App so we can find out the cause of the problem and solve the situation for you.

How can I become an Influencer or Brand Hero?

Brand Heroes and Influencers are carefully selected based on their dedication to soccer, activity level on social media and if they match or not to our awesome brand.

If you would like to become one, download the app, chat with us and we’ll take it from there.