What is The Dash?

Your personal soccer tracking device. That measures your fitness level on the field and calculates all the boring numbers into playful, easy to understand stats. With the Dash and the App, you can become the best version of yourself and prove to friends, coaches or scouts that you are here to serve!

What devices can I use for the Dash?

The iOS app is currently available for iPhone & iPad devices (5s and newer, running iOS 11+). It’s available in the US Store only.

Is it available for Android phones?

No, the DashTag app is currently only available for iPhone.

Can I use the Dash indoors?

Yes. The Dash can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Can I use the Dash for other sports?

Well, we can't stop you really. But the Dash is optimised for the beautiful game of soccer, and specifically for the soccer pitch. So when you use it for another sport, or just on a run it's not using its full potential.

Although, in the future we intend to expand to other sports.

Is the technology allowed during matches?

Yes, the FIFA rules allow wearables to track during games, as long as they are not visible and not on the arms/wrists.


How do I record a session? How do I snap it on? How do I sync?

Check out how to get started here.

How do I turn my Dash off?

Simply press the button for 5 seconds, until the screen says "BYE".

I started recording a session but when I check my stats it didn't record the whole session.

This might be because your Dash is not charged! Make sure that you give it a full charge before taking it to the pitch again!

Can I check the battery life of the Dash while recording?

You sure can! While recording press the button once, this will pop up the battery icon showing how much battery is left.

Why are my Dash & Apple Watch giving different results?

The Dash is fully focused on optimising for explosive movements that are common when you play soccer, and the Apple watch is better at tracking long distance consistent running.


stats overview.png

What do you measure?

Basically, we count the number of sprints. Based on those sprints our app does the magic, and you have a simple overview of your performance right at your finger tips.

Our DashStats include the FIFAStats, Highlights & Coach Reports.

What is considered a "Sprint"?

Every acceleration that exceeds 4.0 m/s (8.9 MPH) is calculated as a sprint. We classify the following thresholds:

  • ≤ 8.9 MPH = low intensity sprint (aka run)
  • 9 MPH- 12.3 MPH = medium intensity sprint
  • ≥ 14.5 MPH = high intensity sprint

In the DashStats, only medium to high sprints are highlighted. So if you don't sprint faster than 8.9 MPH, you're Pace & Power FIFA Stats will be pretty low.

To give you an example: Usian Bolt's top speed is 27.8 MPH, and a T-Rex can run up to 25 MPH. You don't want to be you?

What do the FIFA Stats mean?


The 5 FIFA Stats presented in the athlete's app are:

  • Overall: Overall score reflects the average of your pace, power, endurance, and intensity.
    • It is a combination of the Pace, Power, Endurance and Intensity and is your overall performance on which you can compare yourself with others. (In the future we are creating a database that will give the ability to look at your overall score by position.)
  • Pace: Indicates the generated speed and acceleration of a player during a session.
    • Use this so you can better understand your performance of your top speed and how quickly you reach your top speed (your acceleration).
  • Power: Power is the speed of your steps at a high intensity interval.
    • The speed of your steps can demonstrate how powerful your sprints on the ball are.
  • Stamina: Indicates how long you can sustain prolonged periods of sprinting before fatiguing and decreasing your sprinting abilities.
    • It tells you if you can keep it up the whole match or if you are getting tired by the 90th minute. As Dutch players we can tell you from experience; we often lose to the Germans in the last few minutes ;-)
  • Intensity: Intensity indicates how much energy you burn, how much physical power your body uses
    • It tells you how much of your completed session was a walk, jog or sprint. This will better show how much energy a player is exerting on and off the ball.

*The FIFAStats are scored from 50-99, 99 being the best.