What is The Dash?

We developed the Dash that provides stats for individual soccer players to track their progress and share it to their friends, coaches or scouts. The individual data is synced in the DashTag app, giving instant access to personalized stats after every game or practice.

What devices can I use for the Dash?

The iOS app is currently available for iPhone devices (5s and newer, running iOS 11+). It’s available in the US Store only.

Is it available for Android phones?

No, the DashTag app is currently only available for iPhone. Development can take a lot of building, then testing, then changing, then more testing, then rebuilding, then even more testing… We haven't announced a timeline for this release yet, but we will update this thread when we do.

Can I use the Dash indoors?

Yes. The Dash can be used both indoors and outdoors, as we do not use GPS as our main data collector.

What technology is used?

To synchronize the data bluetooth is used to transfer the data from the Dash to the app.

Is the technology allowed during matches?

yes. The FIFA rules allow wearables to track during games, as long as they are not visible and not on the arms/wrists.


How much does one Dash cost?

The price for one Dash is $99. This includes:

  • Your own Dash and DashTag App account
  • Your personal stats available right after your soccer sessions
  • Tips on how to improve your performance

Can I order a set for my complete team?

Yes. When you order a set of 14 or more Dashes for a complete team, you will receive an additional discount. Please acquire more information at

Where can I buy the Dash?

Cool! You can buy the Dash here

The analytics

What do you measure?

In simple words: we count the number sprints. Based on the classification of each sprint (speed, distance and duration of each) we calculate our metrics.

What is measured as a sprint?

Every acceleration that exceeds 4.0 m/s (8.9 MPH) is calculated as a sprint. We classify the following tresholds:

4.0 m/s = low intensity sprint

5.5 m/s = medium intensity sprint

6.5 m/s = high intensity sprint

What do the DashStats mean?

The 5 DashStats presented in the athlete's app are:

  • Pace: Indicates the overall generated speed and acceleration.
  • Power: Indicates the energy used to reach maximum speed of the sprints.
  • Endurance: Indicates the capability to maintain sprints over whole session.
  • Intensity: Indicates the level of intensity and is based on the consumption of energy during the session.
  • Overall: The combination of the 4 DashStats calculated to the position on the field.

FREE 30-day trial

Where can I request the free trial?

Fill out this form and we'll get back to you within 24h.

What does it cost?

It's free, nada, noppes. But we ask for genuine feedback from the coach and players.

What happens after the 30 days?

There are 3 options:

  • The complete team continues to use the Dashes, and the Dashes are purchased with the team discount.
  • Individual players keep using the Dash, and will be purchased individually. The Dashes that will not be used must be shipped back to DashTag.
  • The trial just wasn't a match. All Dashes must be returned to DashTag.