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Our vision

We believe players deserve every opportunity to succeed no matter their background or level of performance, if you have a passion for the game you should have the same opportunity as the next guy.

Together let’s redefine soccer and create a New Era of soccer players that use technology to their advantage so they can:

Side Step Pay to Play

Connect to players from all over the world
Innovate traditional soccer
Join our movement and take this beautiful game to the next level 💪🏽

Our mission

Our mission is to create a soccer community for everyone to connect a world of passionate athletes and supporters to revolutionize and elevate the game. With our soccer focused, fitness tracker and app, we aim to give players and coaches easy to understand, actionable data. So they can take ownership of their achievements and have the numbers to prove it.

It’s simple; players take ownership of their play, coaches are better connected to their team; progress is inevitable.