DashTag will award two soccer scholarships by the end of October

DashTag aims to grant anyone with a passion for soccer, no matter their level of play or where they come from, the opportunity to use their personal stats to sharpen their strengths. Now, here is the chance to chase your dreams too.

DashTags’ mission is to help players pursue their soccer dreams, so DashTag will be awarding two scholarship of $2,500* by the end of October.

The DashTag Scholarship is a performance based scholarship and is awarded to players who demonstrate motivation and dedication to their soccer. The scholarship may be used to cover High School, College and soccer play development related expenses.

How do you apply for the scholarship:

  • Step 1: Upload as much as possible soccer sessions during the month October.
  • Step 2: Apply for the Soccer Scholarship via the Scholarship Signup Page, the latest by October 30, 2018.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship:

  • You must be a Dash owner.
  • You must be a senior in high school or freshman in college.

Criteria on which DashTag Scholarship committee selects the scholarship winners:

  • Overall score of soccer performance - improvement of DashStat ‘Overall score’.
  • Overall dedication - totally amount of minutes played with the Dash during the month October.